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Luther Ragsdale

Atlanta’s #1 Real Estate Coach


Luther Ragsdale, an internationally recognized speaker and business expert who oversees multi-million dollar companies every day, knew that he had found his calling when he was still in college. While studying business administration at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa, Luther was fascinated by the idea of managing his own business and essentially being his own boss. He focused on real estate and over the next decade, he earned a number of certifications that designated him as a leader in the real estate industry.

In 1996 Luther became the broker and CEO of Platinum Real Estate in Atlanta, Georgia, and he has held that position ever since. A resident of Georgia since 1992, Luther can proudly say that he knows Atlanta like nobody else, and he uses this knowledge to help people invest in or purchase local properties that are perfect for them. However, Luther doesn’t stop there– he is also the owner and director of Platinum Real Estate Academy, which offers multi-level real estate and wealthbuilding courses (officially approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission) for aspiring real estate agents and brokers.

Over the years Luther has become one of the most well-respected speakers and real estate coaches in Georgia. A millionaire himself who has worked tirelessly from the ground up, Luther starts each day with the goal to inspire others– and convince them that they, too, can make millions of dollars through their own work. Luther has coached tens of thousands of people and real estate professionals over the course of his career, and he does it through numerous outlets. One of his most well-known endeavors was a successful television show, which ran for a decade. On Wealth Building with Luther Ragsdale he enlightened thousands of people about the lucrative world of real estate investing.

One of the ways Luther stands out as a businessman is his ability to seamlessly adapt new advances into his practices. For example, as a coach and advisor to real estate agents, brokers and individual buyers and sellers, he often emphasizes the power of social media marketing. He also loves to network, learning new ideas from successful business owners like himself as well as up-and-coming people who are just getting started.

A prolific author, Luther has penned numerous bestselling books (in print, ebook, and audio formats) and has created wealth-building systems off of which many successful real estate investor base their actions. As Atlanta’s number one real estate coach, he enjoys setting a precedent and motivating others.

Luther has a wife and two children and loves to spend time with his family in their home in Atlanta, Georgia.

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